Hey music fans, get the best software samplers in 2017!

For all who want to enjoy a new, modern sound, from realistic instrument to futuristic sound should use a digital instrument that will help them to load recordings in so called samples and play them back. It is surprisingly interesting to play this electronic music game-changer. This futuristic instrument will be the music of the future. This synthesizer with its audio file as its oscillator will help you to loop or modulate and envelope the sound via the sampler’s features. There are so many varieties of this kind of instruments, but the number one is definitely:

Native Instruments Kontakt 5 – makes magical sound

As one of the most widely used in 2016, this soft-sampler is certainly that we will recommend you in 2017. You will be delighted with its expansive semi-modulator routing and flexible signal flow you can make with it. This sample is one of the most developed version with its 37 filter types and multiple time stretching algorithms.

Native Instruments Kontakt 5
UVI Falcon 2

UVI Falcon

You are searching for the sampler that offers you the sheer amount of sample mangling features. It is a sampler and synthesizer at the same time. You can use different kinds of modes from “scrub” to simply “classic” modes depending on your needs and mood at that particular moment. You can also go for other modules such as 80 built-in effect modules and interface you can customize whenever you want.

Steinberg HALion 5

This sampler is well-known by its hybrid instruments and a lot of new features. Thanks to its four sound core engines the sound you can be achieved by using it is more than amazing. So many possibilities are simply outstanding. One of its favorite features is the FlexPhraser module; this advanced option can enable you velocity over 32 steps.

Steinberg HALion 5

To choose the right one for yourself, you need to decide what are your priorities and what is the most important when it comes to your music. Soon or later you will be making the most popular music with futuristic sounds. The better you know your sampler’s features, the better music you will make.

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