Smart home gadgets for the future!

People are getting smarter, can’t argue about that. But did you know that houses are getting smarter, too? Well, things we used to watch on TV or in cinema in sci-fie movies are slowly becoming an integral part of our lives. Our homes now have the ability to interact with us and to answer to our desires. Some things are common nowadays, like thermostats for your heating system or remote controlled garage doors. But now you have a chance to hook up you complete house to the internet via wi-fi and to interact with your built-in smart home gadgets at all times.

From smart lightbulbs to smart kettles

You must have heard about LED light bulbs, but do you know that there are mobile phone applications you can use to control the colors or the brightness of the light in your home? Yup, push a few buttons on the screen of your phone and your room turns bright green. Also, you can set the lights to flash when someone rings your doorbell. And if this is mind-boggling, wait until you hear about the internet connected kettle. You are driving back home from work, and you can set the kettle to boil so you can enjoy a hot cup of tea when you arrive.

Moving on –vacuum cleaners and weather stations

You must have seen the Jetsons when you were a kid. Now you have a chance to live like a member of the Jetson family. You will now be flying around in floating cars, but you will be able to make use of robot vacuum cleaners like Roomba. Just set it on, and it will do all the work – it will drive around the house and pick up all the dust from the floor. Then it will head to the base station for a recharge, all by itself. Furthermore, you have a chance to monitor all the aspects of the weather around your house with the Netmo weather station. From humidity to wind speed, you will be able to get a constant reading on your mobile phone thanks to this cool gadget.

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