Make your beach home a high-tech hideout

We all love the rustic feeling of a beach house: the squeaky wood floors, the sand between our fingers, the magnificent ocean views and the inevitable deck chairs. However, even though a beach home is usually a getaway from the hype and the nervousness of everyday life, this does not mean your beach house should be a cave. Of course you will have electricity in your beach home, and of course, you will want to stay online while you are away from the rest of the civilization. Some gadgets will help you keep your beach home safe and clean while you are away and you will be able to monitor them constantly.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectorsBeach houses are known to contain flammable materials, so it is imperative to ensure fire safety. A wi-fi connected smoke alarm will help you to detect the first signs of a fire and notify the fire brigade.

Security systems

Since you do not live in your beach house, the chance is thieves will be waiting to slip in once you leave your beach abode. Keep it safe with a security system which connects all your smart devices and monitors any strange activity. Security is so important nowadays, although it still isn’t used in over 80% of the houses in the world. That s a very strange and worrying figure.

Cleaning gadgets

You did not come to your beach house to do the cleaning, did you? Now you have a little whirly robot to do this for you. Automatic vacuum cleaners are becoming a standard now. All you have to do is to charge their batteries up and leave all the work to them. Once the work is done, and all the dust and sand have been vacuumed, the little guy will simply head back to recharge.

Shower meters

If your beach house is not connected to the water supply, you will love this resource planning gadget. It will save energy and water because it will constantly monitor and provide information about the water expenditure. You will have all the info about the water temperature; water spent while showering and you will be able to save a lot of money by spending less water and electricity.

beach home shower

The Cool Add-ons

DroneAnd some gadgets are just good ideas because they look so cool. For example if you take a look at the options from you can see the range they have including military drones, dji phantom aerial uav drone quadcopter for gopro and so much more. These aren’t cheap though. If you are looking for a good time and to have some fun with the kids or family too then I would highly suggest this as a way to take the edge off building that new house with all the above essentials (but they aren’t exactly fun!)